With the increased use of specialty pharmacies, the Advocate’s role has become even more critical, bridging the gap between the patient and therapy, medication access, affordability, and adherence. The Advocates roles has become more and more difficult trying to keep up with Limited Distribution Drugs, which pharmacy offers which services to assist the patient, all while trying to make sure the patient can afford the copay, and they answer their phone to confirm the first shipment of medication.

It has become imperative that each facility and team knows who their Key Account Manager is for each of the specialty pharmacies for the area. Having a streamlined process with your accounts, and key personnel (often the Nurses, Advocates and in-house Pharmacy personnel) will take a huge burden off of the healthcare facilities. The Advocates hosting this summit can attest that when relationships with the Specialty Pharmacy and processes are established, access to medication have less barriers for their patients.

We will be asking all of our Advocates to survey their teams and gain feedback on each specific Specialty Pharmacy who will be attending around services, and suggestions you are currently providing. We will be providing this information to bring back to your different teams. We hope you take the opportunity to come and represent alongside all the other Specialty Pharmacies.