The right technology solution can greatly enhance an Advocates productivity and effectiveness. Advocates are on the front line and have valuable insight into the needs of a facility. The challenge for the Advocates and Decision Makers is knowing which solutions are available and will best fit their needs.

Do you have a solution that assist Advocates, help automate patients gaining access to medications and treatment to include: Patient Manufacturer Assistance Software, Pre-Authorization process, or increasing transparency for the healthcare facilities and patients? Take this opportunity to showcase your technology to Advocates and Healthcare Facility Decision Makers from across the country, and discuss options of integration within the healthcare facilities current workflow to include the Electronic Medial Record(EMR)/ Electronic Health Record(EHR).

Come join us to hear multiple Case Studies on other Healthcare Organizations and their current process, pathways, best practices, challenges where you may have a solution and opportunities for improvements. We will be asking all of our Advocates to survey their teams and gain feedback on Technology Solutions they are using. We will also be surveying if they are currently using your specific technology solution, and will be providing this feedback directly for you to bring back to your different teams. We hope you take the opportunity to come and represent alongside all the other Technology Solutions.