Advocate - Healthcare

Advocate - Healthcare


This conference is designed for the Advocates by the Advocates. Come be a part of the largest gathering of Healthcare Advocates under one roof. The roles, responsibilities and titles differ within each healthcare facility and are often hard to find others who are doing a similar role. Take the opportunity to network with other Advocates and stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape. 

Download the Advocate Justification Toolkit.

Our focus is to help empower the Advocate, while building your knowledge on other tools, resources, and pathways that others in the healthcare landscape are currently using. Advocates are running into the same barriers, and we hope you join us to collaborate as one group and know that we are making a difference. We become a part of every family that walks into our office, and we hold a special responsibility when they are relying on us to help find solutions.

Our careers become hard most days when we are trying to triage when everything is important. We continue to come back each day, because deep down we know we are giving a sense of quality of life to Adults, Children and Families when they don’t have to carry the load alone on navigating healthcare.

Take this opportunity to meet with other Advocates, 501c3 Foundations, Field Reimbursement, Industry Leaders, Technology Solutions, Specialty Pharmacy Representatives, and Healthcare Facilities.

Healthcare Facility Patient Advocate

  • Medication Assistance Coordinator

  • Financial Coordinator

  • Biologics Coordinator

  • Pre-Authorization Coordinator

  • Billing Specialist

  • Revenue Cycle

  • Social Worker

  • Clinical Coordinator

  • Nurse Navigator

If you are a Private Patient Healthcare Advocate, and charge the patient directly for your services, you are considered a business and would fall under our "Industry" group.

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Advocate Justification Toolkit

Come join us as we discuss: 

Navigating Access and Reimbursement

  • Coupon and Copay Assistance Option

  • Solutions and Pathways for Medicare Patients

  • Share of Care for patients who also have assistance through the VA

  • Copay Accumulators

  • Multiple Portals

  • Finding the best financial pathway for your facility

  • Are you comfortable with both pharmacy and medical benefit pathways?

  • Do you wear multiple hats in trying to get your patients on therapy?

Bridging the gaps between Foundations, Field Reimbursement, Specialty Pharmacy, Technology Solutions, Pharmaceutical Industry and Advocates/Healthcare Facilities

  • Do you work with a Field Reimbursement?

  • The benefits of working with Field Reimbursement

  • Do you know your Key Account Manager with each of the Specialty Pharmacies you are sending prescriptions to?

  • Do you have a Patient Manufacturer and Foundation Support Tracking tool? - We will be having the best of the best Technology Solutions we have come across over the years to support both Small and Large Healthcare Facilities

Bridging the Communication within your team organization

  • Do you have a process to capture every patient to review opportunities for Manufacturer Assistance to include Copay Assistance and Foundation Support?

  • Do you have a workflow to make sure co-pay assistance is being submitted for and received?

  • How to justify additional Advocates and expand the reach of your program

  • Advocate Empowerment within the healthcare landscape

  • Do you have a mentor?

  • Does your job title balance your role? - We will be gathering from other attendees and supplying Advocate Job Role Descriptions.

  • Is your resume effective to advance to the next level?

  • The Power of Networking: Organizations to Join

Consulting and other Opportunities -We will be offering a professional head shot for each of the Advocates attending to build their online presence, and gain speaking opportunities.

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