Field Reimbursement

Field Reimbursement


Many Advocates strongly leverage Field Reimbursement for support, and quite a few still do not. Understanding the role of Field Reimbursement is still new to a lot of healthcare personnel, and can often be confused with other stakeholders supporting a brand that we all see visiting within the facilities. The Advocates driving this conference have built strong relationships with each of their Field Reimbursement over the years, and have been successful in utilizing manufacturer resources within their previous and current roles within the healthcare landscape, and value what you bring to the table.

Take this opportunity to partner with Advocates from across the country. Hear suggestions from Advocates that can help your teams gain access to accounts that may need reimbursement support. This conference will allow you the opportunity to help other Advocates understanding the resources, tools and pathways to help get their patients access to medication and treatment.

We will be asking all of our advocates to survey their teams around feedback on each specific manufacturer who will be attending around hub services, co-pay assistance and patient assistance to provide back to you. We hope you take the opportunity to come and represent alongside all the other manufacturers.

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