The Healthcare Advocate Summit was created to fulfill an unmet need within the industry. After attending multiple conferences over the years, the hosts identified something missing; a place for Advocates to join together and amplify their voice and passion.

Come join us, and together we can Transform Patient Access.

Many facets of the industry, from Foundations, Field Reimbursement, Specialty Pharmacy, Technology Solutions, to Pharmaceutical Industry, wanted to hear directly from the Advocates working closely with the patients and medical staff, to gain critical insights on how to improve the patient journey.

In many ways, the Advocate acts as multiple bridges between clinical treatment, access, procurement, reimbursement, and making sure the patient has a pathway for continuous treatment. With the rise of medications being launched, the Advocate has found itself directly in the middle of the storm trying to figure out solutions and being an anchor for the patients.

We can’t sit back and expect others to impact change, design standards, and build quality solutions that the patients need. We must get involved. Our mission is to make sure every Advocate across the U.S. can have the opportunity to attend this conference, and we can bridge the gap between:

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Field Reimbursement

  • Foundations

  • Specialty Pharmacy

  • Technology Solutions

  • Industry



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